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The Chezâmes - "The House of Many Souls"

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6/16/06 09:21 pm - Reposted

Because LJ Scrapbook sux, I had to upload my pics elsewhere. So incase you were wondering what my last post was showing, you can see it now at http://chezames.livejournal.com/163436.html

6/14/06 01:21 pm - To the best Grampa in the World

Here's to you, Harvey! We love you!

4/3/06 01:40 pm - PT Computer...at your service!

We finally got our business signs! Click below to see all 4 of the signs. And visit our webpage at

PT Computers

For ALL your computer needs

We do remote connection, so we can help anyone, anytime!

click here to see the rest of our signs!Collapse )

3/6/04 05:55 pm - Welome to Our House :-)

Hello and welcome to our house!

If you haven't read the user info page, please do, otherwise you won't know what the heck is going on *LOL* - it is long, but it's important to read it all if you really want to understand. We have a hard time sorting things out in our head, and we got it written out intelligently, thanks mostly to Lynn, so it's best you read the info page.

P.S. If you know of curlywhirly and/or cheztoni, that's us - curlywhirly is no longer in use and cheztoni is up for archive purposes of old posts only (we wanted to have "chezames" as oppossed to "cheztoni," that's why I switched it.).

for the

3/6/04 06:47 pm

Mutual friends only, meaning that in order to be added to our friends list you must have added us to yours - friendship is a two-way street. If you would like to be on our friends list, comment here.

(If you are not an LJ user, and a friend of ours, you can join LJ at www.livejournal.com for free then ask to be friended)
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